18 Dec 2017

International trade continues for MMD

International trade continues for MMD

Over the years MMD have worked with a large number of clients based overseas. In the past six months this has included projects in Ireland, Switzerland and Russia.

The latest overseas project involved working with Russian-based startup Phillips Hartman Group (PHG). Phillips Hartman formed in September 2017 and offer a range of wealth management support to their clients.

Phillips Hartman approached MMD initially to create a new brand and website. Further work has followed including creating brand guidelines and the design of online newsletters and brochures.

Before starting the branding project MMD met with PHG to discuss the market they operate in and what would be their ideal client profile. From this, further research was carried out into the sector PHG were due to operate in. Gavin Hatton, Design Director, MMD:

We knew the Directors at PHG wanted to be seen as an exclusive brand. The typical client had a high net-worth and the brand needed to appeal to this profile. The use of the crown was seen as a regal symbol which would work well for PHG.

Following the sign off of the branding, MMD began work on the new website. The website would be used to showcase the services on offer by PHG, promote their partnerships and also integrate a live currency feed. A video of London’s skyline was used to showcase the worldwide target market.

View the Phillips Hartman Group website