13 May 2016

John Miller joins the team at mm&d

John Miller joins the team at mm&d

The team at the new mm&d HQ continues to grow with the arrival of John Miller as Technical Lead.

John has a wealth of experience from working with some of the North East’s leading digital agencies. John’s role will involve leading on all the technical aspects of our larger website builds.

Let’s meet John…

1. Career to date:

I’ve worked in digital since finishing university in 2004, most of which spent working in Newcastle Upon Tyne. I’ve had the chance to work on a lot of great projects over that time, ranging from websites to digital signage. One of the great things about working in digital is that it moves so quickly it never gets boring.

2. Key attributes:

Problem Solver, Creative Thinker, Coffee Maker.

3. Mac or PC?


4. First impressions of the mm&d team:

There’s no shortage of character thats for certain…

5. What made you pursue a career in the digital industry?

I’ve always worked with technology, even through school and university. As a massive nerd it seemed to make sense.

6. Signature dish:

Mushroom Risotto.

7. Passion(s) outside of work:

Bikes, Motorsport and Music.

8. Favourite zoo animal and why:

A Giraffe perhaps? I’m not sure why to be honest…

9. Claim to fame:

Self proclaimed king of the beach BBQ.

10. Kareoke Song:

Avenues and Alleyways (Fuelled by a love of British gagster movies).