Live Well South Tees

April 2018

Brand Strategy, Design & Print

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One of the largest branding projects MMD have worked on in recent years involved the newly merged Public Health Service for South Tees. After an imalgeruation of Middlesbrough Council and Redcar & Cleveland Council’s Public Health Departments, a new brand was needed which would be used by the public.

A project of this nature involved a vast amount of consultation. This was a pioneering decision for both Local Authorities as it was the first shared service for the region. Those involved in the consultation stage included Councillors, Council Staff, Service Partners and the General Public. Consultation was carried out using a range of methods as we looked to gather as much information about the project as possible. It was also done other multiple phases.

Council officials were keen to get staff involvement in the branding exercise. They were the ones that would be involved on a day-to-day basis and it was important they helped shape the brand.

The first step involved creating a name for the service. In the end it was decided that two names would be used. First of all Public Health South Tees would be used in official reports, documents and for other internal communications. Live Well South Tees would be the public facing brand.

There were links to the Live Well Centre in Middlesbrough, a prominent place where many of the departments would be based. Responses to the consultation suggested that a friendly, relaxed brand was preferred with the use of bright vivid colours to show the partnership as a modern, ambitious organisation.

Over a period of six weeks a number of concepts were presented to groups as the MMD design team worked to finalise the final brand. The use of the ‘tick’ icon worked well across multiple platforms and could also be used in stand-alone format.

Once the logo was selected, MMD then began work on a comprehensive set of brand guidelines which would illustrate how to use the branding on a range of marketing materials.


"We have really enjoyed working with MMD on this project. This was a pioneering project, the first in the country to create a shared service so we knew there was a high importance on getting the branding right. We have had great feedback on the brand, which is modern and meets the approval of the public who use the services."

Julie McCartney | Project Manager | Middlesbrough Council