ODFC Fitness

September 2020

Brand Strategy, Web & Digital

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Based in Newcastle, ODFC Fitness have had a particularly challenging time during the pandemic. What does a bootcamp fitness provider do when nobody is allowed to attend their sessions? MMD supported ODFC by creating a plan to engage their members online, with video classes and a new website to promote the business.

We worked with the team at ODFC to set up a YouTube channel with full branded content which their instructors delivered on a daily basis. We also assisted with promoting healthy recipes though social media. The final part of the project was to develop a new website which would promote the types of training available, case studies of members and timetable information.

The website needed to be fully responsive as analytics showed that the vast majority of users were on mobile. It was particularly important that the timetable was easy to read on mobile, as this was the busiest page on the website where members would login daily to see which classes were running.

"We have supported ODFC on a number of projects in the past few years including vehicle graphics and social media support. It was great to work together with ODFC to build a website that will increase their online presence and drive membership," Owain Jenkins, MMD.


"The new website looks great and to think this is completed in such a short turnaround is amazing. It is outstanding work and level of detail and simplicity. What makes it easier is the fact you guys have the "yeah we can do that" attitude. Thank you for the work you've put in guys, its great and I love it."

Gary Nash | Owner | ODFC Fitness