16 Jun 2014

You don’t need to sacrifice quality over time

You don’t need to sacrifice quality over time

Working with a varied range of clients is always exciting and interesting at here mm&d and it always keeps us on our toes, always looking for new ways to innovate and evolve. A lot of the time our work schedules and timetables are planned out with plenty of time to turn around even the most complicated of projects. But sometimes clients have been left in the lurch by a previous supplier or need a project turning around quickly and turn to us for a solution.

In most instances people generally think that sacrificing time out of their project must always mean that the quality of their project is affected and they will receive a subpar product or service. At mm&d this isn’t the case, due to the unique way we are structured we are able to work up design concepts from a brief in hours not days, we are able to develop and launch websites in only a few months instead of a year and turn around projects without loosing out on quality.

Yes, this might sound amazing and we understand that you don’t think that this is possible and that because you have sacrificed on time you will receive a poor end product or service. In a perfect world it is always good to have a nice amount of lead-time on a project, but when is the world of business ever perfect or easy? If it was we would all be millionaires.

Here at mm&d we believe that you shouldn’t look at a quick turn around time as a bad thing. Really time should be irrelevant to any project, it is the way that the project is delivered that counts. Look at it this way, you could be a really fast runner for example, but without the correct technique and right method of running you will never be the fastest. Get the technique right and with your natural ability you will be able to be the fastest.

The same can be said of how we handle quick projects at mm&d. We have a set of talented designers and developers and due to our flat unique working structure we are able to free up their time to do what they are really good at, designing. This means that you, the client, receive work of the highest standards and in those instances that time is a factor you can have total confidence that mm&d can deliver.

So with that in mind why not get in touch today and see what mm&d can do for you!