24 Jun 2014

mm&d rolling out new responsive e-newsletters

mm&d rolling out new responsive e-newsletters

With the market for responsive websites growing at a rapid rate, here at mm&d we have expanded our service offering to our new and existing clients. From today we are now able to produce responsive e-newsletters using the same design process we use for developing our website projects.

You might be asking yourself – “What does responsive mean?”. Well it is simple, responsive means that whatever device that a website or e-newsletter is being viewed on, the design will respond to the size of the screen. So if an e-newsletter is viewed on an iPhone for example, the design, navigation and content will fit beautifully onto the phones screen with no loss in information or design, thus removing the need for users to be constantly pinching, double tapping and scrolling around on their device screens to clearly view the copy or images.

With responsive design there is no need to produce various different formats of your website or e-newsletters, you wont require a mobile version, all the copy and images will be applied to the one design that will respond depending on a users needs without them even knowing.

There is no better time to start producing responsive e-newsletters as recent data has shown that in 2013 41% of email opens from campaigns sent were opened in a mobile device.

If you don’t have enough time to produce and send out e-newsletters, don’t worry, we offer a full management service, from the initial design to final reporting, we can manage all your regular campaigns for you at ease.

If you are interested in updating your e-newsletter offering to meet the needs of your customer base or are thinking about adding e-newsletters to your marketing mix, why not get in touch with mm&d today?