14 Feb 2017

Richard Porter joins the website team at mm&d

Richard Porter joins the website team at mm&d

The team at M Media & Design (mm&d) continues to grow with the appointment of Richard Porter as PHP Web Developer. Led by Digital Director Mark Skirving and Technical Lead John Miller, Richard has fit in well to his first few weeks at mm&d HQ in Stockton.

Richard’s role is predominantly on the front-end side of our website projects. Let’s find out more about him…

1. Career to date?

After graduating with a degree in Media Productions, I worked in a few different web-related roles.

2. Key attributes?

Witty & handsome… (*edit- Richard is the first mm&d employee to have a ponytail).

3. Mac or PC?

Mac for work. PC for GAMING!

4. First impressions of the mm&d team?

Down to earth and friendly. Healthy dose of insanity.

5. What made you pursue a career in the digital industry?

General interest since childhood, like creating things that do stuff, does that make sense?

6. Signature dish?


7. Passion(s) outside of work?

Travelling, learning coding languages & foreign languages, odd bit of scuba diving.

8. Favourite zoo animal and why?

Panda. People pay to come and watch him sit, be lazy and eat grass.

9. Claim to fame?

I have zero claim to fame, for now.

10. Kareoke Song?

Depending on the amount of alcohol consumed, obviously a Disney banger. (*edit – the phrase ‘Disney banger’ must be a Sunderland term).